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Galaxo Ltd – the expert in electronic information

Galaxo Ltd, established in 1996, is an expert in electronic information channels. We have implemented more than 1,000 customer projects, utilising the opportunities provided by online services as well as information and touchscreen display solutions. We develop our expertise in R&D cooperation with our partners and by innovating and testing new product and service concepts. We offer our customers the best service package, from specification to design, deployment, maintenance and further development.

Everything begins with content

- Information that looks like people in the right place at the right time.

Content and its effectiveness are the most important things in electronic communication. The specification of needs and content design are excellent tools for launching development. Once we understand our objectives together, we can combine digital information with premises, places and the web environment, taking into account the target groups using it.

State-of-the-art technology

- All information channels in a single system, in an efficient, user-friendly way.

The GALAXO® system, which we have been developing since 1999, offers more than 30 products for electronic communication. We have implemented content, communication and resource management products within the GALAXO® system to serve our customers in an efficient, user-friendly way. Our development work is guided by the changing needs of our customers, conceptual design and new technological opportunities. We have integrated more than 300 external systems into the GALAXO® system in order to automate information and make it easier to maintain content.

Partnership and expertise

- Best expertise and partnership

We co-operate closely with our customers, offering them the best expertise possible. Our network allows us to offer an extensive service package for developing content, technology and products. With our content and hardware partners, we offer diverse content expertise and state-of-the-art hardware, from individual display screens to video wall and smart device solutions.

Galaxo will help you in specifying and designing electronic services and training in their use. We implement a tested service and assist in its further development.Our in-house staff offer long-term expertise in all areas of digital communication and software operations. Please ask us for additional information.

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The Story of Galaxo

In the beginning. There was a man pen and a brave spirit. There was a burning desire to create, draw, make graphics and produce content. There was design experience in industry and the energy sector.

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The world of WWW comes into being

First customer accounts

Significant development project for Ensto Oy

Galaxo Ltd. was established on the 9th of December 1996. The original name was Media Solutions Siurua Oy. The Business ID, 1075471-1, is still the same.
Customers included KT Office, Oulun Puhelin and Aine Oy

Server and information security cooperation with Finnet Oy

Customers included Suomen Bensiinikauppiaitten liitto

Cooperation with several advertising agencies and technology companies. Customers included Utajärven, municipalities of Liminka, Lumijoki and Temmes

First employees were hired. Development of the Galaxo system began. Customers included Rintamäki Oy, HSO, Murreleronik Oy, Kuopion Puhelin Oyj

We opened an office at the Oulu Technology Village. New customers included Viabek, Polarheat Oy, Ocotec Oy, Pohjois-Pohjanmaan Yrittäjät, municipalities of Haukipudas and Ranua

The company moved into larger premises in the Technology Village. The company had five employees. Customers included Kaleva, Pelastushelikopteri SEPE, Oulun Aluetaksi, Oulunkaari joint municipal authority and municipalities, Onninen Oy

The software environment was given its first name, MSS ferris. Customer companies and organisations numbered approximately 50, new ones included the City of Oulu, the Siikalatva region, K.A. Rasmussen, VTT

The company moved to Rotuaari in Oulu, to the Pekurinkulma building at Kirkkokatu 6. New customers included Electroplast Oy, Inchcape Finland Oy, Media Tampere, Kotivara Oy, Elkamo Oy

Product packaging advanced at high speed. Extranet and intranet channels were developed alongside the Web channel. Customers include Ruukki Group, Sony, Dell, Jaakko Pöyry Oyj, Osuuskauppa Arina

MSS Group's products were given their current name: GALAXO®. Customer projects were implemented for an expanding customer base Customers include Viescar Oy, Lapponia Jewelry, FOREX

Cooperation with Sony Professional and Aurora Group began

The company moved to its current premises at Kauppurienkatu 23, sixth floor, in the centre of Oulu. GALAXO® was registered as a trademark in Finland. First infochannel customer delivery. New partners and customers: SlatekOy, Head Invest Oy, FincopowerOy, Oulun Koru Oy, ProventiaOy, DELL

Vast R&D in a TEKES project. Software product development was outsourced. Turnover exceeded EUR 500,000. Customers included Vima, municipality of Hailuoto, Punkaharjun Kesämaa, Delta Auto Oy

GALAXO® was registered as the company's trademark in all of Europe. The Digital Signage market grew approximately 80% in the West At the end of 2008, the company had a total of eight full-time employees

Customers include Senate Properties, HelsinginBussiliikenne, ODL, Oulu10

The company's name was changed to correspond with its software products. The new name was Galaxo Oy and in international markets Galaxo Ltd. and Galaxo Inc. The company had approximately 200 customers, all using the GALAXO®  software platform and server environments,
Customers included Respecta Oy, Orton, SOK

Information and service development continued. New services were developed for the health and well-being segment.

Customers included Sairaala NEO, Herman Andersson Oy, Cafe Carusel

Infochannel services were expanded through connections to several external systems. Collaboration with several content providers.

Customers included Rehapolis, YARA, Isosyöte


Ten employees. The company's turnover exceeded EUR 1 million.  New customers and partners included.  Aalto University Properties, Eurosec Oy, Granlund Oy, Kaisanet Oy, Oulun Seudun Sähkö, YTA Yhteistoiminta-apteekit Investments in service and personnel development. With regard to software, the focus of development work is on touchscreen solutions and the new Galaxo.
Galaxo opens an office in Helsinki. Customers include Fazer Bakeries and several S Group cooperatives.

Galaxo Oy Ltd will develop and grow to become the most efficient multi-channel provider of content-oriented services in the market

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