Our support will serve and develop with you

The delivery project and commissioning will be the start of our cooperation. We are with you even after this to help you use and further develop the services. We are there providing aid with your business and offer free phone and email support to your administrators.

With project and customer satisfaction surveys as well as personal contacts, we want to ensure your satisfaction with the service we offer. Feel free to contact us when you have any questions. We won't leave you in trouble with your potential communication problems!

Let's develop together

In connection with the implementation, we have jointly planned out the life cycle of the implementation. It is important to set aside adequate resources to maintain the service. Similarly, it's important to take into account service monitoring, development, and metering. We can also take responsibility for the technical monitoring of the service as you wish.

How about we look toward the future together

Since the year 2000, the development of GALAXO® products has been guided by the communication and technical needs of our customers and the development of digital communication technologies; we will always take this development into account alongside the different operational communication needs of our customers when developing future versions of our products.
With us as your communication partner and making use of the GALAXO® products, you can be sure that they will also meet your future communication needs.

We will help you in all stages of your communication!

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