With GALAXO® Infochannel, you can instantly update your screens' contents

Digital Signage is used to build completely new types of communication channels and service concepts. With the constantly diversifying communications around us, Digital Signage information-screen communications have become an increasingly important part of corporate communications strategy.

Information displays are not intended to replace other communication channels, but serve as support for advertising, brand communication, guidance or customer service.

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Easy to use maintenance

GALAXO® Infochannel is an easy-to-use content management system for Digital Signage information displays, the development of which has continued for more than ten years based on customer-oriented feedback and experience.

The GALAXO® Infochannel is maintained via a web browser with personal user IDs, allowing you to use the service from anywhere, anytime. Comprehensive user management features ensure that the content of information displays is always produced and maintained by the right people and ends up in the right place. Admin rights can be granted to users or groups of users: either for the entire display network or for a single display, or for a single piece of content on a single display, for example, to a local restaurant for them to update their lunch menu. Whether it’s a single info display or a network of multiple displays in different locations or countries, management remains just as simple.


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Two parallel ways to manage content

GALAXO® Infochannel content can be maintained in two ways. The display network is built in a tree-like hierarchy, where placing content in a playlist from the top branch level passes the content to the entire network. The less people you want to be seeing the content, the lower the branch that you want to be sending out the content from.

GALAXO® Infochannel Täsmä is built specifically for the addition of customizable content on large display networks. It allows you to add content to a single screen or to only a portion of screens at the same level of the hierarchy. With Täsmä you can create and save presets for display groups, so you can add content with just a couple of clicks!

With both ways of maintaining content, it is a good idea to also take advantage of content scheduling so that the content on the info display remains varied and motivating and does not fade into the background. In the GALAXO® Infochannel, content can be scheduled for specific periods of time, and at the end of the visibility period, the content automatically disappears from the info screen.

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Versatile integrations with other data sources

Typically, Digital Signage content is built from images, videos, text, animations, or audio files embedded in content templates that match the visual look of the organization. In GALAXO® Infochannel, standard templates include a full-screen video and image template, a template suitable for text input and ready-made templates for social media services, YLE news and open weather data provided by the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

GALAXO® Infochannel is known for integrations with several external systems. The automatically updated information can be, for example, real-time social media content, weather and news information, public transport schedules, energy consumption information, event information or space reservations.

The touch screen guides and participates the users of the services

Interactivity is everywhere. Users of different services are familiar with smartphones and tablets and thus they expect the same functionality from services in different environments.

With the GALAXO® Infochannel Touch service, your organization's communication is transformed into an interactive and interesting experience at trade fairs, hotels, residential buildings, shopping malls, grocery stores, office buildings and airports, for example.


We always provide services for touch screens as needed and tailored.

Our Touch screen customers:

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  • Valkea Shopping center
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