Automated content

In all your communication channels, the timeliness of the content and its almost real-time updating are important. Content automation enhances information delivery by retrieving the latest information from the content- and data-sources you select. Ever wondered why the same content needs to be entered in multiple places? With automation, you need to only enter it only once in the channel you select.


Efficiency through data automation

We have always operated with the premise that if your content is ready somewhere, it will be retrieved from there. Thus we avoid putting out the same content onto multiple different channels. We are a pioneer in implementing content automation for all your communication channels with experience from about five hundred interfaces. Whether it's the most common off-the-shelf software or software developed by you, or even software tailored to you - we get automated information extracted into the desired communication channels.

Add value to your business

Let's say, for example you need to further develop your production process. How can the production be made more efficient? How could we automate your delivery process? How do we make the desired information visible for each group, unit or department, for example in administration, sales and marketing, communications, human resources or production?

The benefit comes from more efficient work

With the help of content automation, we have carried out projects for our customers, which at their best have resulted in savings of more than 30 man-years per year. We believe that by going through your business process together, we can use content automation to implement a service for you that enhances business efficiency and significantly reduces labor costs in connection with your sales, production or any other process of your operations. Feel free to ask for more info!


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