We care and communicate

Galaxo Oy is an expert company founded in 1996 in Oulu, Finland.
By co-operating with clients in practical implementation, we are constantly learning with our customers and developing our own expertise. You don’t have to be an expert in technology and digital communications - leave that to us. Let's work together to find the most effective option for the development of your communications.

We offer the best service package from evaluation to design, implementation, familiarization and commissioning. We also help you maintain, monitor and further develop the services.

Partnership and expertise

We always work closely with our customers, offering our expertise.
The average employment of our current staff is about 13 years!

Our committed staff provides expertise in almost all areas of digital communications and software operations. Feel free to ask us more!


Here for you

Anu Toljamo
Key Account Manager
+358 (0)44 551 5148

Provides attentive customer service and help in every situation. Keeps up the spirits at the office. "I'll figure it out..."

Jaana Kortelainen
Digital Designer
+358 (0)44 551 5133
Impressive visualist and coder in the same package. Favorite support to our customers. "Who brewed the coffee on the table again ..."

Jukka-Pekka Laitinen
Development Director
+358 (0)44 551 5147
A guru of software and other technology, able to solve even the toughest headscratchers. "Yes, but in terms of security ..."

Ari Luukkonen
Software Designer
+358 (0)44 551 5118
If Linux wasn't Linux, it would be Ari. The very image of tranquility. "I think we can manage that..."

Tapio Siurua
Managing Director
+358 (0)44 551 5110
An old storyteller. A friend of humanity, nature, flowers and golf. "The customer's interest is ours too..."

Juha Väyrynen
Member of the Board
+358 (0)40 534 3932
IT and media experience worth half of Finland. Has his heart in the right place. "Let's grease those elbows ..."


Long-term communication co-operation

We have been cooperating with some of our customers for more than 20 years. Together, we have made their communication and operational services more efficient, thus adding value to their operations. This will continue to be our goal - for every customer.

Our partners complement our overall service

Our partners add value to our overall deliveries by providing quality content, services and the best technology on the market to convey your information.


YLE services, Sanoma, HS Metro, Kaleva

Weather and condition information

Finnish meteorological institute, Foreca, ioLiving, university of Turku

Timetables and results

Digitransit, Finavia, NextGolf, Golfbox

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Flockler

Real estate and energy information

Assemblin, Enegia, Granlund, Ramboll

Systems and mobile

F-Secure, Upsert, Codemate, DNA, Elisa, Telia

Security, call, location

9Solutions, EWQ, Qmatic, IndoorAtlas, Proximi


Innorange, iRecon, Mirasys, Walkbase, Quividi

Professional Displays

LG, NEC, Samsung, Sony, ELO

Computers, servers, voice

HP, LG, Dell, Lenovo, LG, Panphonics, Genelec

Installation and furniture

Anaconda Visual, Nordic Tele Service, SSPV, Blink Creative, NTS, Cremet, Vogel's

Retailers and other partners

AV Triangle, Dig-It, Giant, Also, F9, OEM Finland, Scannotec


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