Add comfort and functionality to your premises

Your premises and offices need a worthy communication and guidance implementation. It increases the comfort of users in your premises, thus increasing satisfaction among customers, visitors and staff. Properly implemented, it will also increase the efficiency of your facilities.


Navigation made smoother with guide-screens

Guidance implemented on information screens or interactive touch screens make navigating your premises easier. Both ways of guidance implementation can provide all the information that is of interest to the user automatically, but they can also browse and search for the information they need on the touch screen.


Reservation information

Make better use of your space.
If you want a functional implementation for booking and keeping track of reservations of your meeting rooms or other resources, we have ready-made interfaces to several booking systems. Through us, you will also receive solutions for ordering catering and other ancillary services at the time of booking. There is also an implementation available that manages tracking your premise usage and provides a report for the billing system.

Information of the premises and energy consumption

On-site displays can be used to display property information such as energy consumption information and information about the conditions in and near the premises for target audience. We have ready-made connections to building automation systems to automate information on a property- or space-specific basis.

It is also easy to attach other information of interest to the users as automated content with the premise specific information. Such information can include weather reports, rain radar, lunch lists, bus schedules or, for example, news from your website or any desired content from your social-media.

Let's think together about how you could make more efficient use of your facilities.

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