Effortless website maintenance from anywhere, anytime

With the GALAXO® Web publishing system, you can produce content for your website. Page templates tailored to your organization do not require coding skills on your part. You can create text content smoothly with the GALAXO® Web text editor, add files to a file bank, build image galleries or format electronic forms. GALAXO® Web includes a toolkit to help you easily maintain your messages online.


Features of the GALAXO® Web publishing system

  • Includes professional online communication tools.
  • You can use user management to share maintenance rights for different contents.
  • All content maintenance elements and products are easy to find thanks to simple navigation.
  • Custom page templates make content maintenance smooth.
  • There are five different language versions (Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian).
  • Website traffic statistics. External monitoring and measurement services can also be connected to the site.
  • The functionality of the website is always expandable and new products can be added for the maintenance at any time.
  • All information is stored on servers located in Finland. Data is backed up regularly and stored properly.

Our service includes


Make your products and services easy to remember with a unique domain name. We take care of the domain registration and its renewal.

Responsible pages

The layout of your website adapts to all different terminals so that your website serves your customers in the best possible way.

Flexibility and scalability

The GALAXO® Web publishing system adapts to companies of all sizes and will grow with you.

Maintenance and customer support

As a customer, you have free customer service (administrators). We take care of product maintenance and software updates throughout the contract.


GALAXO® Web products

The system includes many products for managing your message and content

  • GALAXO® Resousces - resource and reservation management
  • GALAXO® Feedback - processing and managing feedback
  • GALAXO® Query - surveys and analyzes
  • GALAXO® News - news and bulletin management
  • GALAXO® Events - event management
  • GALAXO® Contacts - contact management
  • GALAXO® Archives - file management

Web implementations since 1996

We have a lot of experience in website implementations. They always take advantage of the scalable technologies, services and security of our GALAXO® system.
The web services we implement are mobile compatible (responsive). They also take into account the accessibility requirements for the use of public administration.

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