Always an individual implementation

Each of our implementations is always customer-specific. It is important that the clients operations benefit from working with us. During our 24 years of operation, we have not sold any implementation that we do not believe would have added value to our customer's business.

It is  our duty - both to you and to all of our long-term customers - to implement only communication solutions that benefit your business.


Close cooperation

All our customer implementations are usually done in close cooperation and preferably consulting all stakeholder groups. Typically, the following experts are involved in the implementation, always taking into account the nature of the project:

  • Communication and marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Sales
  • Information management and IT
  • Content providers
  • Management or management team

Our collaboration is a beneficial learning-opportunity for both parties

Always an implementation unique to your company

Customer-specific implementation is based on the clients individual needs from the service. Not all steps are required in every implementation. We also strive to minimize our clients workload during implementation thus allowing you to focus on your business. Together, we can plan out the course of action best suited for your individual needs.

Phasing pays off

In the case of a large communications or functional development target, we recommend phasing the service into two or more different stages. It is often possible to start by piloting as well. Piloting provides valuable user experiences as well as comments from various operators, which can be taken into account and utilized in the implementation of the final product.

If you are a new customer of ours, piloting is a safe way for both of us to start learning about each other’s operation.

Stages of development

Development can start directly with content implementation and deployment. In many cases, however, it is a good idea to carefully define the needs and goals of the service before planning is started. Each implementation is unique. We believe that with the experience of more than a thousand projects, we will find the best implementation model for your communication needs.

  1. Definition
    Defining needs, conceptualization, user research, metering
  2. Design
    Communication-, content-, graphic-, user interface- as well as space-planning and installations
  3. Implementation and commissioning
    GALAXO® products, possible customizations, interfaces/integrations, user orientation, service release
  4. Maintenance and further development
    Customer support, customer surveys, usability research, possible service expansion (piloting)


Let's plan out the most sensible communication implementation for you!

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