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External communication with us involves strengthening your brand and corporate image and distributing your company information. With marketing, you strengthen the image of your service or product by attracting existing and potential clients to partake in your services whether in person or online. External communication can also be in-store advertising to help your customer to make a purchase decision - with the goal of increasing sales and increasing the average purchase.


Marketing and advertising

Your business may already be taking advantage of marketing via social media. With our help, you can also bring this content ready for other communication channels: info- and touchscreens as well as on your websites. Invest in effective, customer-oriented content in both physical and digital advertisement.

Our solutions allow you to advertise inside your stores to reinforce customers purchasing decisions or increase the size of your average purchase, as well as on windows to attract potential customers into your store. The display network can also be outdoors on the streets or you can advertise your services and products on websites and on mobile. It’s also important to optimize how long the content remains on the screen by location; we can help with all this.

Brand Communications

Your brand is worth the best communication

Your company brand is one of your most valuable assets. Your brand is the sum of many different parts, but we provide our expertise and tools to further spread and strengthen it.

Our publishing system offers several different channels and ways to increase the visibility of your brand, both to customers in your service facilities or online service and to staff, for example in break rooms.

Your brand communications are also automatically supported by your social media content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which are available as standard implementations on our services.

Other content - automatically

We want to bring more power to your communications, marketing and sales!

Advertisements can easily turn into wallpaper if it is not accompanied by other content that is of interest to your target audience. Our GALAXO® publishing system's automatic links between ads and your marketing message make it easy to deliver other content of interest to your audience.

For example, you can provide them with weather-reports from the local area, possibly news headlines, other information about your industry (e.g. RSS feeds), as well as ready-made information from your web-cite or social media channels. In these ways, you can diversify your corporate communications!


Let's enhance your external communication together.
We also help you measure the effectiveness of your communication, if necessary.


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