Content management system and channels

The GALAXO® publishing system we have developed is a completely domestic multi-channel network for digital communication and advertising management, including Digital Signage, Web and Intranet environments.

The same message can be distributed to all channels in the GALAXO® network, which also has connections to about 500 different external sources, such as social media services, our content partners' content services and the most common software, as well as customer-specific systems.


Infoscreens | Touch screens | Web | Intranet

Development on the GALAXO®-system began in the year 2000. It is entirely our own development. Galaxo's development team in Oulu is responsible for new versions of the system and customer-specific interfaces, as well as customizations.

Easy, safe, Finnish

Special attention has been paid to the usability of the system. We collect feedback from our customers, which guides the further development of the system and also determines the features added to the new versions of our products.

All communication channels share elements (e.g. content editor) for the ease of use. The customer-specific license always includes the latest published version of the product in question, so new versions do not need to be purchased or installed separately.

The content management of GALAXO® products can be accessed from your own computer's internet browser with your personal user IDs. Content management works with all the most common browsers and the user can choose Finnish, English or Swedish as the language.

Add content from external services

The GALAXO® publishing system already has several interfaces to external services, from which content can be automatically downloaded to services in the GALAXO® network. In addition, we can also flexibly build linkage to open interfaces or customer-specific services to retrieve information.

Among other things, content can be retrieved from these services:


Social media is automatically incorporated into your content

You can integrate your social media account into the automatically updated content of your info-screen display or website. We offer ready-made templates for social media content for the maintenance of GALAXO® information screens as standard content or, if necessary, we can design a customer-specific presentation.

Other services

We have implemented interfaces to several of the most common information systems. We have also implemented interfaces to our customers' own systems to automate data distribution.

We have implemented connections for these content and information systems among others:
Ask us for more connection options for your systems!

User Management

The GALAXO® environment has user management that can be used to grant user group- or user-specific reading- and maintenance rights to use or maintain content. Product administrators can be given the rights to manage the rights of user groups or users in their organization as desired.

Users and access rights in the GALAXO® network can also be defined via the interface in the customer's own user management (eg Microsoft AD).

Tested security

The security level of the GALAXO® publishing system meets the security requirements of the public administration (VAHTI 2/2010 and KATAKRI basic level, level increase possible if necessary).

All our servers are within the borders of Finland. All data is stored, saved and backed up in Finland. Our virtual servers are located in one of Finland's largest data centers, next to key data connections.

In the case of high-security content (eg confidential patient or personal data), GALAXO® can also be installed in the customer's own data center (InHouse) instead of the standard cloud service (SAAS). Ask us more about the implementation model!

All communications can be carried out encrypted. In all of our information-screen implementations, traffic between terminals and servers is encrypted in both directions.

GALAXO® has been security-audited by the Finnish security company F-Secure Inc. in the spring of 2019.

GALAXO® is a Galaxo Ltd trademark registered throughout Europe.

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