Intranet - a live bulletin board for your organization

An intranet is a closed group-specific service that is a great tool for internal communication and marketing. It allows you to securely communicate and share information and other material in the work-place and among your staff. A successfully designed and implemented intranet significantly speeds up internal communication within an organization.


GALAXO® Intranet features

An intranet doesn’t have to be a stiff or colorless site, but it can be a lively, participatory service that isn’t perceived as too tedious to maintain by you or your staff. The GALAXO® Intranet is integrated into the internal communication of the organization securely and by listening to the needs of the users, and the layout of the intranet is shaped to match the visual look of the organization. Connections that make it easier to log in to the service can be implemented, and each user group can be customized with its own home page, if necessary, where the relevant information to that group is displayed first. This way it's easier to keep up with the IDs and the threshold for using intranet lessens.

To speed up the staff's work and improve communication, the GALAXO® Intranet also enables versatile integrations with external systems, making information available through a single service. Integrations of reservation-, status information-, billing- and ERP-systems have already been implemented in the GALAXO® Intranet.

Secure implementations since 2000

We have implemented a wide range of intranet and extranet solutions for our customers for twenty years. All of them have prioritized ease of use and security. Your services can be placed in our SaaS-service, on our own virtual server in our data center or in your own internal server environment (InHouse).

Our service includes


We take care of our customers after the project. We provide product support, maintenance and software updates.

Flexibility and scalability

The GALAXO® Intranet adapts to companies of all sizes and can grow with you.

Safe and reliable environment

All data contained in the GALAXO® Intranet is stored on servers located in Finland.

Customer Support

As a customer, you have free customer service (administrators). We take care of product maintenance and software updates throughout the contract.

GALAXO® Intranet products

Our system includes several products for managing your message and content:

  • GALAXO® Resousces - resource and reservation management
  • GALAXO® Feedback - processing and managing feedback
  • GALAXO® Query - surveys and analyzes
  • GALAXO® News - news and bulletin management
  • GALAXO® Events - event management
  • GALAXO® Contacts - contact management
  • GALAXO® Archives - file management


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