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GALAXO® Infochannel

Digital communication also offers solution for activating the users of premises, guiding user flows and monitoring the premises. The display implementations used can be passive displays that present information, or touchscreens. The service can be complemented with the possibility to download content to the user's smartphone or tablet.

Digital Signage – infochannels

"Influence the users of the premises and guide and monitor user flows through the functioning of the premises


Digital Signage – touchscreens

”Offer the tools for sharing information and including users

A digital information display is an excellent support in communication. Digital material can be utilised diversely as presentation content: images, videos, text, or audio. Content can be produced manually or by automatically retrieving it from e.g. Your website or other services.

Users can have administrative rights to their own content. The changes made are visible right away. The ability to update quickly saves both costs and time. Cost-savings are also offered by the production costs of communication material, which are lower for digital material due to the recyclability of content and the rapid, reliable delivery of information. Correctly placed displays with the right content can have a significant impact on purchasing decisions and creating motivation among the target group.


 With a touchscreen implementation, You can create a more extensive information package for public premises using the desired content. Touchscreens are Your tireless representatives in lobbies and at exhibitions and campaign events. As independent promoters, they can provide information about the organisation and campaigns as well as acting as a feedback channel for customers and partners.

Incentives can be built into the presentation to attract people in the premises to take a look at the content. The content can also be a presentation acting as an information display, offering access to more detailed content produced for the touchscreen when the screen is touched. The content can be administered independently through the GALAXO® service – without middlemen. Also, material provided by external service providers can be attached to the content.

"Using the GALAXO system lowered our advertising expenses and made our exchange rate communication more efficient. The information display is a very effective, modern tool for encouraging customers to enter shops.”
- Risto Lepo, Country Manager, FOREX
"With the GALAXO system, we can tell the users of the premises about our development activities and show in practice how much energy the property is consuming at each time and how the users can influence their consumption through small everyday things."
- Satu Kankaala, Development Manager, Environment and Sustainability, Aalto University Properties Ltd


They trust in GALAXO® products, too


With the GALAXO® publishing system, you can maintain webpages by yourself, without middlemen. The diverse page templates can be used to create impressive and responsive pages that are scaled for different terminal devices (PC, tablet or mobile phone). With the GALAXO® system, you can update your site with the most recent images, files and contact information. Implementing surveys, image galleries and a variety of is possible without coding skills.
If necessary, content services from external providers can be attached to the website, such as weather, news, exchange rates, traffic timetables and social media functionality. The GALAXO® system includes site use statistics, but we can also utilise external monitoring and measuring services to monitor track the use of your service. With our statistics, you can see the attention value and points of interest of your service. GALAXO® assists in developing content.

All tools for maintaining and developing a web service in a single system
"Galaxo Ltd's employees have understood our needs in terms of different communication situations. In the reform of the municipality's website, we found solutions to all of our customer-oriented problems, and Galaxo has been flexible even with regard to our special needs."
- Miia Marjanen, Business Service Coordinator, Municipality of Liminka

They trust in GALAXO® products, too

Responsive web implementations

GALAXO® gives your service a responsive design and implementation. You will be able to guarantee a unified user experience for your services, regardless of whether a computer, tablet or smartphone is used.

Our most popular web publishing products

GALAXO® Editor

The GALAXO® publishing system makes it possible to independently edit the content of the site. Page templates are realised in the service in line with your organisation's graphic layout, making it easy to maintain a diverse and impressive site. You can also manage different language versions of your site with the GALAXO® system.


News, bulletins and official announcements can be created and scheduled with the GALAXO® News service. After the publishing period is over, the information is archived in the GALAXO® maintenance system.

GALAXO® Feedback

The service can be used for creating and editing new electronic forms. With GALAXO®, you can ensure that your e-mail is not clogged with contacts received from the forms and that contact requests are not forgotten amidst all the e-mail.

GALAXO® Banner

The GALAXO® Banner service makes managing web service banners easy. You can specify the visibility period of the campaign and specify how often the banner is displayed. The attention value of each campaign can be monitored using the GALAXO® service.

GALAXO® Intranet and Extranet

”An intranet makes it easier to make information available and distribute it to your personnel"

Personnel and stakeholder communication is made more efficient by the GALAXO® Intranet and GALAXO® Extranet services. In a secure environment, it is easy to share files, and give guidance and communication in a targeted way. The service allows you to collect internal feedback and maintain employees' contact details and a customer register. Administrative and read-only rights to the service can be implemented using a grouping suitable for your organisation. The distribution of access rights makes it easier to update information and improves the availability of information.
Interfaces that make logging in easier can be implemented in the GALAXO® Intranet service, making life easier for your employees and lowering the threshold for using the service
"Galaxo has been able to present ideas and solution options to our challenges regarding e.g. renewing our intranet and implementing a customer information screen. The most essential thing has been that good ideas have also been realised. The projects with Galaxo have stayed in schedules, and using the system has been easy." 
- Jukka Kaarre, Oulun Seudun Sähkö

”Share up-to-date brochures and the most recent information with cooperation partners and retailers"

In services aimed at stakeholders, each user's view is determined on the basis of access rights. Read and edit rights for groups can be restricted and opportunities for updating information can be offered, such as by offering an opportunity to add or remove files.
Inclusive workspaces offer an information-secure setting for informal discussion, exchanging information and communication for personnel, teams and cooperation networks. A closed operating environment offers an alternative for internal e-mail messaging, with all essential information available at a single address. Information can be shared together digitally regardless of time and place, making it possible to decrease the number of internal meetings and freeing up work time for other activities.
They trust in GALAXO® products, too

Our intranet and extranet publishing products

GALAXO® Resources

GALAXO® Resources makes it easier to book premises. The real-time booking situation of resources can be seen in the service. With GALAXO®, users can book premises, equipment and other shared resources.


Create surveys and queries using the GALAXO® Query service. You can add a survey to web, intranet or extranet services. The results can be monitored in real time using the administration system.

GALAXO® Archives

Ensure the availability of up-to-date files on the web service with the GALAXO® Archives management system. Files can be grouped into folders and added independently to the service.

GALAXO® Contacts

Your employees' contact detail lists and corporate registers can be updated swiftly with the GALAXO® Contacts service.

All GALAXO® services and products have been developed by Galaxo Ltd in Finland.

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