The Story of Galaxo


”We still have the same burning desire to develop, perceive and learn more - in order to streamline our customers' operations."
























































We are looking into the future with confidence. Long-term inclusive customer cooperation, partnership, carries both our skills and our products forward.
Galaxo Ltd grows and develops with the help of its personnel - alongside its customers in the future as well in a controlled and with temper


”Significance of integration in streamlining operations is emphasised"



Information systems were consolidated as part of the implemented services in order to promote the distribution of information as part of customer systems in order to automate data. It makes sense to be able to use the same information across several different channels and systems. Information and customer content is retrieved into the Galaxo system rom more than 300 other systems to distribute and classify it further after filtering back into the customer's information systems.


”We realised how our long-term competence can be applied for the benefit of our customers in all electronic channels" 


The circle closes

Interactive touchscreens were developed alongside information screen systems.

The circle has closed; digital communicationhas entered the customer's premises. GALAXO® offers tools for sharing digital information in all electronic channels according to the needs of customers and target groups, taking the time and place into account.


”We understood the fragmentation of digital data and the opportunities it provided to our customers" 


New breakthrough in digital information distribution

Along with the development of screen technology, our customers were seen to have an obvious need for adopting information placed in the premises. This is how GALAXO® Infochannel came into being. We now have about a decade of experience in information display systems. Content is what matters the most, high-quality and user-friendly technology ensures functionality.


”We extensively developed our software and software expertise"

GALAXO® expands

Initially, GALAXO® offered our customers a publishing system for maintaining Web services. The GALAXO® system was expanded to also cover stakeholders (extranet) and internal information management (intranet). Through customer needs, the GALAXO® system has expanded, covering 30 user-friendly tools for centralised information management.


”We understood how important the functioning and user-friendliness of our software is to the end customer"


GALAXO® -system

Development of proprietary software products began in 1999; the starting point was ease of use. This is how the MSS Ferris product family was created. In 2005, the products were renamed GALAXO®. At the same time, GALAXO® was registered as a trademark in Finland and Europe. Approximately a year later, the company's name was also changed to Galaxo Ltd.


”We understood the added value of networking and trust for the company as a whole"


From day one, we have been seeking reliable, high-quality partners in terms of content and experts. With information displays, also in terms of hardware. The common denominator in partnerships that work is commitment, sticking to the schedules. The partnerships are long-term, the cooperation is always based on trust and mutual benefit.


”We understood what our customers expect of us - absolute expertise"


Our experience gained over the years and the education of our employees provide our customers with the best expertise in consultation, specification and content projects. We want to ensure that the final result is creation of customer benefit. This can be verified by reviews, interviews and measurements of the results at different phases of the project and activities. 


”We understood the significance of creativity and application in all of our operations"


The company's operations started from creativity - the desire to create something new. The same creativity has been cherished in our operations throughout the existence of the company. We invest in skills and learning new things equally in our specialist, content and software expertise.


”We understood the significance of caring between organisations - and in particular, between people" 

Genuine caring

From day one, our principle has been that work is motivating and employees feel good at the workplace. We also take good care of our partners and customers.
We do things together and in cooperation. We stick to schedules and keep our promises.
We talk about caring.



”We understood the significance of commitment in projects of all sizes"


As the number of employees has increased, commitment to Galaxo has been at an excellent level. While other IC companies promised "a gold watch after five years of work," we still have the same employees in our software department, for example, who started the development of the GALAXO® System in 1999. The same commitment and long-term approach can still be seen in all of our operations.


”We understood the significance of quality and continuity in all of our operations" 


From day one, we invested in high quality in everything we do: in graphic design, coding and customer communication. The same quality mind-set also applies to devices supplied by us in partnerships.



”We learned the significance of communication in joint projects" 

Projects and development


We took part in several nationwide multi-supplier projects. The company's operations were and are still developed in cooperation with TEKES and the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. Galaxo Ltd has operated using cash flow financing throughout its history, without external funding. Today, we are a nationally significant specialist in digital information.


”Significance of security and information security is emphasised"


Information security cooperation has continued with hosting service providers since the 1990s. We have been investing in information security in our technologies from day one. Today, it is the default in all of our operations. We want to be a secure and reliable partner in everything we do.

”We learned to act as a team - together and in cooperation"


The first employees to share the hobby and to ensure a night's sleep were hired in 1998. Initially, work was carried out in customer premises and home. The company's first office was opened at the Oulu Technology Village in 1999. The company grew moderately – using cash flow financing, there was no desire for any excesses. We learned what it means to do things together - as a team.
We understood what internal team spirit is about. One of our values is that it is a pleasure to come to the workplace. 


”Internal entrepreneurial spirit was recognised in service-oriented business"

Business activity

The networks generated so much work that a hobby had to become a full-time occupation. The decision to establish the company was made in 1996. The company was named Media Solutions Siurua Oy. Customers talked about ”media siurua,” ”solutionssiurua,”, ”media solutions” - a dear child has many names. The name was changed to MSS Group in 1998. The name Galaxo Ltd. was adopted in 2005. The same internal entrepreneurial spirit is still upheld by all of our employees.


”Customer operations and flexibility were learned"

Customer accounts

Humble work with customer projects continued. Customer relationships that still exist and are still cherished with pride were created. We responded swiftly to customer needs and stuck to schedules. Sometimes we made mistakes, but they were swiftly corrected.
Under the same principles, the same humility still guides our operations now, two decades later.


"We learned to understand and managed Web and server technologies"


Connections and data transfer technology have grown rapidly: modem to ISDN to ADSL, Wi-Fi, 3G, and now 4G: there have been advances all the time. Virtual environments have been adopted in hosting services.
Similarly, Web technologies developed rapidly, as they still do. HTML5 was a distant idea in the 1990s.
Continuous development continues in technologies and all of our operations.


”We learned to provide expertise and how to truly meet the customer needs"

Digital revolution

The first breakthrough of digital information began in the late 1990s. Excesses were seen all around. Web firms came and went. People made money out of customers' ignorance.
We did everything to develop the customer's operations; content first. We did not sell anything that the customer did not think they needed.
Our pricing was already at that time based on fairness.


”We understood the significance of customer orientation"

The world changes

PCs became commonplace in the nineties, the World Wide Web - Internet - came into being. It was the first medium to merge graphics and text into new kinds of Web pages. The tools were text editors, graphics editor and graphics software. The project model was close cooperation with the customers - in a customer-oriented way. Web content was developed and maintained in cooperation with our customers. 


”There was a burning desire to learn new things"

In the beginning

There was a man pen and a brave spirit.
There was a burning desire to create, draw, make graphics and produce content.
There was design experience in industry and the energy sector.


Galaxo Oy, Kauppurienkatu 23, FI-90100 Oulu, +358 (0)8 375 900

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