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Galaxo Ltd, established in 1996, is an expert in electronic information channels. We have implemented more than 1,000 customer projects, utilising the opportunities provided by online services as well as information and touchscreen display solutions. We develop our expertise in R&D cooperation with our partners and by innovating and testing new product and service concepts. We offer our customers the best service package, from specification to design, deployment, maintenance and further development.

GALAXO®Web and GALAXO®Intranet have allowed Utajärvi to make its resident and personnel communication more efficient.

"GALAXO® products have been reliable and easy to use. They have also been developed according to our needs during our long-term cooperation. I can warmly recommend them."

GALAXO® System assists in increasing awareness of the services, cross-marketing of the service portfolio and the company's stakeholder communication.

"We are saving money, and the new communication channel quickly pays itself back. Also the time saved from the design of posters and advertisements can be used for content production."

GALAXO® Infochannel touchscreens in the lobbies for more efficient communication regarding energy efficiency, properties and services to the users of the premises.

"We can tell about our development activities and show in practice how much energy the property is consuming and how the users can influence their consumption through small everyday things."

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